Precarious and Precious Anonymity in Taipei

This evening I have an Elvis lyric on my mind when I reflect on the past 2 days in Taipei: I can’t help falling in love with you.


Though grey skies prevail and I wear a sweater to thwart the slight chill, I am enchanted by this marvelous city.


This evening I walked alone down some picturesque alleys adjacent to my hotel, feeling comfortably anonymous despite being an obvious interloper. Restaurants abound, and represent a broad variety of cuisine with a higher-than-average concentration of French and Thai.


After much alleyway exploration and a good deal of comparing my numerous choices I settled on a small restaurant which served a curry chicken with rice – deliciously spicy!

For dessert I wandered into the incomparably hip Cross Cafe, a few steps from my hotel, for a piece of excellent apple pie – complex, tart and sweet, prettily presented, and ever so yummy. The atmosphere here is worth mention – bookshelves along the back wall, a glass pastry case filled with tempting tasty treats, A French chanteuse crooning somewhere beyond the sea , bereted clientele intently conversing – an urban experience.


Oh the end of the evening comes too soon, and I regret that this visit will end as well – too short a time to take in this delightful city.



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