Singapore Chinatown


This is a business trip, so I’ve worked quite lengthy hours when in office. I have worked rather late into the evenings, and because I had in-flight projects in both the US and UK, I have needed to be on calls in the middle of the night. The past two nights were rather brutal for this, so I’ve done with little sleep.

I decided to combat this by slipping right back into a routine, remaining awake durning the daylight and letting the normal light/dark rthythms influence my own.

Thus, I entertained myself this afternoon with a brief foray into Singapore’s Chinatown, as it is near to my hotel.


Similar to San Francisco’s Chinatown, the area I visited was filled with the sharp smell of medicinal herbs and the soothing aroma of tea, a surfeit of tourists with bare and blindingly white legs (including myself), and cheap tchotchkes. The difference here is that the tchotchkes didn’t travel far but the bare white legs did.


This last sight intrigued me, as a continuation of an observation one of my Taiwanese colleagues had made: whisky is now trendy in Asia.

Works for me.


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