Singapore MRT as an Enabler

Singapore’s commuter rail system is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive means for navigating the city. I managed to return to my hotel from the Garden yesterday via the MRT.

Having gained confidence from that experience, this morning I decided to take the MRT rather than a taxi and visit Bugis Junction, saving myself about $20 SGD.

This savings enabled me to buy a cute little sleeveless top at the mall from Mu, something suitable for work in this incredibly hot and trendy city.


Loved the styles at Mu, but I was fortunate to find something to fit me as the clothing runs quite small.

Like malls in the US, this one has an elaborate food court and I was charmed by the name of this particular outlet:


The mall was a crush of bodies, and very loud. I slipped outdoors to call my husband and there it was noisy with traffic. The MRT was very crowded and noisy on my return to Chinatown. Life in a large city is a noisy proposition!


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  1. Patti,

    Glad you are getting a lot out of your travels! I have found memories of Singapore: Orchard Road, the Botanical Gardens, the food and the malls. But FYI we have Beard Papa in SF, in case you want cream puffs.


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