And now, to work: Singapore

Google Maps assured me that my commute would be no longer than an 11 minute walk. And I believed it. What Google Maps was not aware of is that a construction project partially obscures what is already a slightly hidden pathway recommended to abbreviate the walk. I paced up and down Ann Siang Road, then noticed the small-print instruction in Maps (take the stairs, and after some hunting located the appropriate detour.

This detour was a bit of a fright. A dark tunnel with a blind turn or two, that in the US – with the possible exception of
Yoder, Kansas – I’d entirely refuse to follow.

But this is Singapore. It’s too hot and humid for crime at 8 am. I tripped through.

Then came Boon Tai Street. Some people scampered across this thoroughfare with either incredible courage or stupidity . My inner rule follower wanted nothing to do with this band of miscreants; I walked to a crosswalk and braved the crush of commuters.


Notable along the way were numerous shop fronts in the colonial style, and mini altars.



Worth honorable mention: this tiny pub with a charming name:


In the end, I arrived at the office physically unscathed but a bit unsettled, and last night had a bad dream about traffic.


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