Gurgaon: Room With a View

I returned to my hotel early today as I catch an unbearably early-morning flight to Hyderabad tomorrow and decided that burning the proverbial midnight oil the previous two nights meant I ought to get some extra rest today.

I intended to nap then get some dinner, but feeling a bit claustrophobic I opened the curtains and all thought of sleep was banished when I saw the cows across the street.


I have a fear of cows. They are a large and not highly intelligent beast, so I perceive them as dangerous to my rather small self. From a safe distance, however, they amuse.

This led to exploring the other bits of view, such as a pretty-looking house in the near distance, beyond a slight haze of ever-present smoke.


Adjacent to the urban farmland which hosted the above-pictured cows, it is difficult to imagine that at one time these interesting shop fronts were new, bright and cheery.


Tomorrow morning when I take a brief visit to Hyderabad, I expect to discover new fodder for my senses and my imagination.


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