Cottage kitchen

Instead of travelling this summer, we’re remodeling our kitchen.  The first Monday after the school year ends my husband will be taking primary responsibility for making the hundreds of decisions that will inevitably arise, while making sure Sadie, now 12, doesn’t lose all her fur from the stress of numerous strangers busting out walls in her house.

Should be fun.

We finally selected the appliances.  It’s been a process.  I’m not very usually very particular about appliances, but when I saw this refrigerator I knew no other would suit. 

It’s a Samsung, received high ratings, and is counter depth so will fit the designed spot beautifully.

The kitchen is on the center of the house, which will be an interesting challenge.  Our downstairs master lacks direct access to the outside and is unfortunately on the ‘wrong’ side of the house.  Not only will we need to pack up the kitchen things, we also have to forge a temporary path out of the construction zone.  Thank goodness my parents, who live 15 miles off, offered a guest room – we’ll need it.

The old kitchen is very much in a 1980’s style, with shabby, inexpensive cabinets and tiled countertops.  If the quality was better, it would be quaint and fit our cottage architecture.  


That microwave on the counter is from 1986, by the way.  It still works.



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