Demolition Derby

Though I knew that demolition was planned today, encountering the aftermath this evening after work was still a bit shocking.  I was disappointed work obligations required my presence in the office today, as witnessing the demolition would have been quite fun.

The mad scene when I arrived at my abode:

The beams are steel, and boxed in with ply.  Because the beams run across the width of the house, engineering then building an appropriate support system without lowering the already-cozy ceiling height meant an addition was prohibitively costly, so after much research and a hefty payment to an engineer, we decided to restrict the remodel to the home’s original footprint.

Barely visible in the foreground of the above picture are the edges of a wall; this comprises an unwanted delineation between a back room and the kitchen, and though a centered doorway is quite wide, the wall will be removed and provide a clean flow from room into room.  I’m eager for that wall to be removed; perhaps tomorrow!

Our kitchen is a small room located in the center of the house, so we were concerned about how we should navigate from front to back without stirring up a bunch of dirt and dust.  But, true to his word during the bidding process, our contractor was diligent about cleaning up debris before the end of the day, and this was not a problem.

A closeup of the delightfully dated linoleum, which I suspect is original to this house:



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