The Perfectionist

We had some ambivalence about having the entire downstairs painted, and we’re especially concerned at the price tag attached to this work.  After all, can’t anyone who can hold a brush in their hands simply dip it in some paint and run it across a straight surface?

Well, after day #1 of the paint crew, it’s apparent that it’s a good investment.  It would take us a month to do the prep that the crew did today, and they are planning to spend two more days on prep before texturing, priming and painting.

This is the old back room, a 1970’s addition with slipshod finishing touches that have led to continual wall cracks. The crew patched and is reinforcing the corners to prevent cracking.

Here is the front room, original to the house.  The beams and ceiling were trimmed with awful quarter-round moulding that were dated and had always dismayed me a bit, but these guys made short work of removing these eyesores!  Tomorrow they will reinforce and patch those raw edges, leaving us with clean and sharp angles. 


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