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After a couple of weeks with an irrational president and a reactive electorate, I found this Verge editorial encouraging.  It suggests that technology CEOs have sufficient influence to exert pressures on the administration to recognize and take action to solve the real and critical problems confronting not just our nation but the world:  climate change, sustainable energy, poverty, access to medical care are some examples.


Meeting Motivation

Good post by Michael Hyatt that I want to refer to in the future.  I have a business partner who has good intentions but tends to wander off topic.  I’m going to try adding a parking lot for my meetings with her so that the meeting can follow our agenda AND she knows I am not dismissing her contributions.

Weekend Motion

Time reports a new study originally published in JAMA which finds weekend warrior style workouts can be nearly as beneficial as more frequent exercise.  One doesn’t need to exercise four times a week, for example, to reap some benefit from exercise.  The trick:  exercising for a total of 150 minutes.

This study reminded me of another, also published by JAMA, finding that even 10 minutes of exercise per day is beneficial.  Focusing on people who were previously sedentary, results included improved cardiovascular health and weight loss.

This is encouraging for those who, like myself, are short on time during the week and eager to banish the lethargy of middle age.


We are born into love and joy.

We are raised by those who do the best they know to do.

We become independent and experience bliss and grief, and all things between.

When we die, we cease to exist.  But the memory of us may echo in someone’s mind.

While we are here, it’s a bonus if we can improve humanity’s existence, even incrementally.

Be brave.  Be humble.  Love someone.  Help another.  Prosper.


There are times for standing still and times to run wild and free.  Always, inevitably, there is that vast space in between.  

Some stamp and whinny there, as if bound by rope.  They strain to be free from the unseen shackles.  

Others pace and worry and seek differentiation, reassurance.  They whirl in a panic, troubled and confused by the swirl and an unheard dissonance.

And yet others do what most do, and connect themselves – immerse themselves – in the flow, the river, of human experience.