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Transported Back in Time

I decided to watch Star Trek: TNG again. Just finished season 1, episode 5 (The Last Outpost), and remembered this as the one that hooked me on the series way back when. The ensemble was just beginning to click, and this was the first episode where the theme of respecting exploration began to develop some subtlety.

Plus, this is the first time viewers are introduced to the Ferengi, who utter these delicious words: ‘It’s true: you work with your females, arm them, and force them to wear clothing. Sickening!’



Definition of Programmer


History Lesson

I spent an afternoon with friends at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, perusing the varied collections of ephemera of a computing nature.

We had intended to visit for two hours then retire to a local Mexican restaurant for vittles and cerveza. However, we poked about for over 3-1/2 hours and left with an interest in making a second visit.

Nostalgia played a part, as with this TRS-80 microcomputer. My father, a math teacher, had brought one home over Christmas break in 1977 as it was too valuable to leave in the classroom during the holiday hiatus, and I spent two weeks glued to the console.


Likewise, I was fascinated with this device – it brought back memories of watching reruns of the cheesy 1950’s tv show ‘Space Cadet’. It’s a SAGE weapons director console (dating from – yep! – the 1950’s), and the attached handheld is a light gun operators used to label the radar-identified aircraft.


A Brand New Day

My life is much changed in recent months, for which I am most grateful.  After a few weeks of decompression, I am rediscovering my love for learning, exploration.

I decided it would be fun to teach myself how to stand up and tune Tomcat, so this morning I’ve taken the first step: setting up an AWS account and launching an instance of Red Hat Linux.

Like the proverbial kid in a candy store, it’s pretty tempting to veer off toward LAMP, but I’m doing my best to remain focused.  I can always explore LAMP later, right?  AWS for a novice like myself is somewhat like an Etch-a-Sketch: I can play with one technology, then clear the slate and play with another.


Darth Kitty



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