Bolinas, CA:  Agate Beach

Posted for leashed dogs, but locals and rangers alike turn a blind eye to the off-leash well-behaved canine.  Sadie visited this beach 24 Nov 08, and loved it!  There were lots of shorebirds to chase, other dogs with whom to flirt, and a few families with children (she loves kids).

Sidewalk cafes

Being the furry companion to a childless couple, Sadie has learned to enjoy the fine things in life.  Sure, she rolls in cow dung but afterwards is groomed at the doggy salon.  Yes, she will always attempt to eat cat poop but then enjoys a nap on the guest room futon.

Running errands

Sadie is my best friend.  She is never too tired, busy, hungry or cranky to wag her tail and walk with me.   Why am I sometimes too busy to spend some quality time with her, even if it merely a trip to the dry cleaners?


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