Nearing completion

Backsplash is complete, appliances installed, and cabinets are nearly done.  With luck, the electrical work in this space will wrap up tomorrow.


My Dirty Laundry

… now has a new home.

Loving the wide white baseboard.


Colorful display 

The floor installation is proceeding rather slower than hoped, so we pushed out appliance delivery until next week.

On a more sanguine note, backsplash tile installation started. It looks great so far! 


The tile is a mix of ceramic and glass, and I’m enjoying the contrast of materials.  Here’s a closer look.


The contractor refers to me as ‘The Boss’

I’m not sure whether it’s a compliment but it amuses that the contractor tells my husband he needs to consult The Boss before making a decision.

Honestly, I trust my husband’s taste in many matters, and while I have a few strong opinions about the kitchen, little things like the color of the backsplash tile grout isn’t on my List of Things About Which I Will be Picky.  But, the contractor insists so I’ll do my duty.

Today saw the start of floor installation and hanging of upper cabinets.  Looking quite fine!



The counter is in!  Looks great.  

In other news, the flooring has finally arrived, and when the contractor looked at our laundry room he decided he needs to paint it.

This meant that our temp kitchen has been relocated to the garage.



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