Drywall day 2

Walls are taped and textured – it’s starting to look like a room!


Drywall day 1

With the electrical and plumbing roughed in, the drywall started going up today.  It’s extra-dusty today, and I imagine we’ll have more of the same tomorrow when (I’m guessing) joint compound and texture will make a bit of a mess.


Kitchen week 2

The electrician spent the day pulling a lot of wire.

 We will finally have enough outlets – hurray! 




Plumb cool

At first it didn’t appear that the contractor had made much process since Thursday.  On closer inspection, an enormous amount of work had been completed; namely, plumbing and electrical.  

The electrician is husband’s new buddy.  He poked and prodded the ceiling and found there’s just enough clearance to pull some wire – not enough space for pot lights but enough to install some hanging lights between the beams.  His in-progress handiwork:

Meanwhile, the plumber was busily creating order from chaos:

The cabinet maker arrives on Monday to take some final measurements before starting production.  Rumor has it that he’ll frame out the pantry doorway and install a door to match the cabinets (where we now have the shuttered folding door).   I’m hoping it’s not just idle gossip.


Beam me up

The unwanted wall is down, and the raw beam is now in place.  This makes the space look enormous, and the flow from kitchen to back room is now taking shape.


A close up of the new beam follows.  The contractor plans to match the finished casings – very exciting.  I’m loving the daily progress.



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