We are born into love and joy.

We are raised by those who do the best they know to do.

We become independent and experience bliss and grief, and all things between.

When we die, we cease to exist.  But the memory of us may echo in someone’s mind.

While we are here, it’s a bonus if we can improve humanity’s existence, even incrementally.

Be brave.  Be humble.  Love someone.  Help another.  Prosper.


There are times for standing still and times to run wild and free.  Always, inevitably, there is that vast space in between.  

Some stamp and whinny there, as if bound by rope.  They strain to be free from the unseen shackles.  

Others pace and worry and seek differentiation, reassurance.  They whirl in a panic, troubled and confused by the swirl and an unheard dissonance.

And yet others do what most do, and connect themselves – immerse themselves – in the flow, the river, of human experience.

Boldly drinking what no one has drunk before

I loved the synchronicity.

Kitchen finaleĀ 

This is the kitchen before renovation: cramped, dated, with impossible-to-clean cheap cabinets.

Here it is shortly after demolition, in all its pink and white glory.

And now it’s all done!
And it flows nicely into the back room. Sadie is tuckered our from all that hard work supervising the contractor!


Nearing completion

Backsplash is complete, appliances installed, and cabinets are nearly done.  With luck, the electrical work in this space will wrap up tomorrow.



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